Halloween hackery

In the past twenty-four hours, my four year old has announced that he will be the following for Halloween:

  • A policeman
  • Spiderman
  • A super hero with a crown
  • A race car driver
  • A robot

My six year old, on the other hand, has rejected the following costumes:

  • A vampire
  • A robot
  • Wall-E
  • A magician
  • A ninja

With only about twenty for hours left until the American School of Dubai’s Halloween party, the pressure is on.  We are crashing ASD’s party now for the second year in a row, leveraging out all of our cub scouts contacts in an effort to score KitKit and Reeces.  At this party, the football field is covered with tables that parents rent and decorate and the little goblins trick-or-treat table to table. There is some fine Halloween hackery along with everything that could be snatched up at Target in the twilight days of summer holidays – just after the summer sales are over, and right before we all meet up at Terminal 4 in JFK for the journey home.

All I know is that I will purchase nothing for Halloween other than candy, since this really is the ultimate DIY holiday.  With that in mind, I would love to thank Jamie, from C.R.A.F.T. for her twenty-nine easy-to-make Halloween costume ideas!  We’ll be off to Lulu’s to find some boxes for the Lego costume.

Halloween also provides many opportunities to play and learn.  Here are just a few of my favorite ideas:

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